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KAIR offers a range of luxurious non-animal-tested hair products to nourish, protect and repair hair when needed. Each of these products unveils the true inner beauty of your hair. For women and men who want healthy hair, KAIR offers nourishing and repairing products. Each product is formulated with ingredients that are gentle on the nature of your hair. The perfect complement to all your hair routine, they will become indispensable assets in your everyday life. Designed and produced in Quebec by Priska Laurent and her team, KAIR products are unique creations, just like your hair.

Go ahead and redefine the codes of your hair routine…









KAIR is an ode to your hair.

KAIR is an ode to your hair.

Discover the hydrating and repairing mask for hair of the Quebec brand KAIR not tested on animals, without salt, without paraben and without sulphate. Photo by Marosephoto


All research and development work surrounding the creation of KAIR products is centred on respecting each hair type. To know how to respect them, you must study your hair. Keratin is the key element to this effect. It defines whether the hair is smooth, wavy or curly, and whether it is thick or thin. KAIR products are suitable for all hair types.


All the active ingredients of KAIR products have been carefully selected to act in depth to renew the codes of your hair routine. If you too are a fan of a simple concept: less, but better, our products are made for you.


Hair frequently suffers aggression from the outside: pollution, cold, sun. In order to protect them, KAIR products have been formulated to intensify their true nature, combining strength, nutrition and repair.


Our products are salt free, paraben free, sulfate free, in order to preserve the DNA of your hair. It’s time for your hair to reveal its true natural beauty.