The KAIR brand was created by Priska Laurent. As the owner of a hair salon in Montreal, Priska was looking for the best possible product for her clients’ hair while maintaining the values of her beauty salon:

Reveal the beauty of the hair of every woman and man who enters her loft, while offering eco-friendly products.

Just a few years ago, KAIR was just an idea, but grew month after month until 2017. That year, Priska went from dream to reality by creating her own haircare products.

KAIR was born.

Each formulation of KAIR products is composed of ingredients without salt, parabens, sulphates but above all not tested on animals. KAIR products are designed for men and women who want to recover the true beauty of their hair while protecting the world around them.

KAIR is an ode to your hair.

Priska Laurent was only 20 years old when she established her hair salon in the Saint-Henri district.

In a large loft at Château Saint-Ambroise, she receives each client on a daily basis for a unique hair experience. Furthermore, her desire to bring about a change in habits became apparent from the outset. The salon puts in place procedures in collaboration with Green Circle: recycling hair, aluminum foil, etc.. This appeals to customers, as they are attentive to their consumption, to move towards a more environmentally friendly world. In fact, the concept of his salon is based on listening to and being close to each customer.

Priska is well aware that hairdressing can reveal the beauty of each person and help them find who they are.

Priska also advises her clients on how to prolong this daily experience by changing their hair routine and adding a simple and effective vision: less, but better. Indeed, Priska has always wanted to have a hair salon conscious that nature is precious, to always respect the one that offers us the most beautiful ingredients there are.

It is in this light that she began a few years later, the creation of her own brand of hair products, named KAIR, utilizing nourishing and repairing ingredients for your hair.

Priska Laurent, creator of the luxury hair products brand KAIR made in Quebec. Find the nourishing shampoo for women, nourishing shampoo for men, nourishing conditioner, moisturizing and repairing mask in salons and in the online store. Photo by Marosephoto